Demo 2012

by Infernal Awakening

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The three songs on this demo were recorded by the band in the Summer ov 2012. Since then the band has played many shows across the state ov Arizona. The songs on this demo will also apear on Infernal Awakening's debut album which will be released in 2013.


released August 19, 2012

Tempest: All guitars/vocals/synth
Obsidian: Bass
Nibiru: Drums
Amdusias: All programing
Recorded by Tempest at castle inferno summer ov 2012 mixed and mastered by Amdusias summer ov 2012



all rights reserved


Infernal Awakening Tucson, Arizona

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Track Name: The King ov Hell Has Arrived
Father Satan come to me!
My eyes do not decieve me
Before me art the final war
As angelic blood paints the sky above
The holy one shall burn!

Prohets ov filth
Where is your god?
Bleeding helpless and vile
praying to him a coward and fool
Lucifer! Lord ov enlightenment
I call upon your unholy name
Destroy the weak unworthy foe
Bestow upon me your blackened flame

Lord ov all iconoclasts
I reclaim this world
Divinity art thy foe
As above is so below!

Hail the King ov Hell!
Track Name: The Reaper's Hand
Infinate loathing in enimate darkness
Tortured spirits and ghosts ov the damned
Eternaly awaiting to seek their revege
Forever trapped in a firey blaze

Plagues ov evil storm the land
Satans guiding the Reaper's hand!

Cemitary silence in the light ov the moon
Forgotten souls no longer there
Merely a memory to those who recall
But only in the light can shadows be seen

Plagues ov evil storm the land
Satans guiding the Reaper's hand!

The Churches they crumble and burn in the blaze
The women they cry and the men fill with hate
The children know they can never be saved
For the darkness fills them and consumes them all
When the winter comes to claim their soul!

Plagues ov evil storm the land
Satans guiding the Reaper's hand!
Track Name: Transcending to Shadows
Blasphemy! Apostasy to the christian faith
Transcenting into shadowous figures
Under the sick moonlight
Casting circles parting gates
Beckoning spirits into this plain
A morbid obsession becoming reality
Your words shall seal your fate!

Become what you have worshipped
Held high in great reverence
Become what you have always desired
Hail to your dark desires
Allow them to set in
The poweres now possessed and ready
To bring the age ov darkness!

Relinquish your soul!
From your mortal shell!
Allow the darkness to consume
Your imperminent life