Enlightened by Lucifer's Flame

by Infernal Awakening

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The five songs presented on this release are not for those looking for background noise. This EP was designed for those seeking liberation, transcendence, and enlightenment from the cosmic illusion. These castings are a gateway to worlds and forces beyond this one, and are only for those who are willing and thirsting to embrace them.

Tempest would like to thank:
My brothers in Infernal Awakening and all ov our supporters who have stood with us through our triumphs and struggles, namely: Kathy Gehrke, Nissa Magana, Melissa Wolfe, Cheyenne VanAlst, Dalton Spencer, Khaine at Outsider Industries, Gabe Garcia, Shaun Spettigue, Ryan Ocvirek, Dave Schuppert, Josh Bowyer, and all other performers we have been honored to share the stage with.

Obsidian would like to thank:
Kathy Gehrke, Melissa Wolfe, Cheyenne VanAlst; whom without, rehearsals would have been impossible. Dalton Spencer, Khaine at Outsider Industries; everything you do is tits!! My sonic cohorts in my shitty ass band, everybody that I have been honored to have played/ shared the stage with, Socrates, opposable thumbs, Robert Johnson, the members ov the great Chaos Ascending, but cant's most the least, the fans ov infernal awakening. smoke satan hail crack

Anchalagon would like to thank:
the members of Infernal Awakening, Tempest, Obsidian, and Amdusias for inviting me into this band. I could not have ever expected to work with better band mates or friends. I would like to thank Judd Acosta and Nathan Malesic for supporting me in every way they could. Lastly, I would like to thank all those who have supported this band and our music, supporting my entrance into the band, and any future supporters we may earn.

Amdusias would like to thank:
My brothers in Infernal Awakening. Our supporters: past, present, and future, and those who will always stand as an ally to mankind's progress and enlightenment. I'd especially like to thank Stevie Atkinson, you give my life meaning and I live to love you.

Infernal Awakening endorses and encourages the use ov hard drugs, alcohol, body modification/mutilation, murder, and all other forms ov debauchery which may lead to gratification. Remember kids, no body no case.


released April 30, 2014

Tempest - All vocals, lead/rhythm guitars, and lyrics
Obsidian- Bass Guitar
Anchalagon- Drums
Amdusias- All synth/orchestrations

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Infernal Awakening. All mixing by Amdusias. All artwork by Khaine ov Outsider Industries. Logo by Austin Rogers ov Majestik Tattoo.

Besides the above mentioned, this EP was accomplished solely through the efforts ov the the members ov Infernal Awakening. No other Earthly forces were involved in its creation!



all rights reserved


Infernal Awakening Tucson, Arizona

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Track Name: Enlightened by Lucifer's Flame
By the teachings ov the dark lord and the eternal blackness within
I swear to the my devotion,my allegiance to chaos and sin
Ov the shadows ov day do I dwell awaiting the moon bright and full
In your name do I summon thee come forth to devour my soul!

Bearer ov the black flame I call upon thee
Under the blackened sun shall I sweat
Through Chaos I shall be set free

Mighty angel ov darkness your seal engraved in my soul
Your word guides my power, Lucifer forevermore!
Lord ov shadows! Bestow upon me your might
Come forth from the Abyss Into perpetual night

I am not ov the slaves to perish, for I harvest the seeds ov divine
which blossom to the fruits ov eternity, darkness death, and time

I who wields your torch with reverence
Who speaks with a fork in thy tongue
Doth bask in the light ov your all seeing eye

Lord! ov darkness capture my soul
I yearn to be one with the shadows
Liberated from the shackles and chains
Ov mortality

Appear! Thy father thy brother
Mighty lord ov the flame
Embrace me with your wings
Ov truly unhallowed light

Awaken! Dark angel, open my eyes
To the truth behind the lies
With your sword I'll ascend to the heavens
And destroy the god ov all I despise!

I destroy the wall ov cosmic light!
And claim my rightful throne!
Upon the realm ov Anti-cosmic might!
Track Name: The King ov Hell Has Arrived
Father Satan, come to me!

My eyes do not deceive me
Before me art the final war
As angelic blood paints the sky above
The holy one shall burn!

Prophets ov filth!
Where is your god?
Bleeding helpless and vile
Praying to him? A coward and fool!
Lucifer! Lord ov enlightenment
I call upon your un-holy name
Destroy the weak, unworthy foe
Bestow upon me your blackened flame

Lord ov all iconoclast
I reclaim this world
Divinity art thy foe
As Above So Below!

Hail the king ov Hell!
Track Name: Necromica
A shroud ov blackness has been established upon the altar despair
The oracles set, the virgin blood spilled, and the words speak have been spoken
The air becomes still with a restless silence direly awaiting to be heard
The glimmering chalice in the golden candlelight patiently awaits for its time!

Drink from the chalice ov death! Bodes ill for us all
Necromic enchantments, for the dead shall feast on mankind
Restless degraded souls reaping havoc upon the Earth
My blood gives them life, your screams give me pleasure, you faith shall die tonight!

Allow the forces ov the world beyond to possess you body and soul
Let the blackness consume your being and destroy you from the inside
Thousands ov tortured souls agonizingly claw at your flesh
Your silent scream becomes part ov the atmosphere as you enter their inferno!

Drink from the chalice ov death! Bodes ill for us all
Necromic enchantments, for the dead shall feast on mankind
Restless degraded souls reaping havoc upon the Earth
Your blood gives me life, your screams give me pleasure, you faith shall die tonight!

Recite the names and perform the rights inscribed in the nocturnal book! Bound in flesh and inked in blood at the hand ov Satan himself! Drink from the chalice and ensure your place as the true god ov man! Millions will suffer at the hands ov the mage who has fulfilled the ultimate task!
Track Name: The Baphomet ov Mendes
Thy art the beast! who enchants your darkest ov dreams
Invoker in the flesh, paragon ov the obseen
Thy tongue ov ancient wisdom doeth unto thee
Drunk on saintly blood, shall thy forever be!

Diabolical in nature my blood runs through your veins
For I reclaim my blackened throne by the right ov the 50 names
I am in a forgotten forth told world a blasphemy to all gods ov man
Enslaving foolish weakened mortal I shall slaughter the prophet again

Chained to the desert for all time my halo fallen to the sands
Stripped ov my glory and reverence for all time
My children abominations ov holy concerns
Washed away by floods ov vanity for all eternity

Hail Baphomet
Lord ov desire
Arise Azazel
reclaim your power
In the name ov war
I set you free!
Track Name: Transcending to Shadows
Blasphemy, apostasy to the christian faith
Transcending into shadows and figures
Within sickening moonlight
Casting circles, parting gates
Beckoning spirits into this plane
A morbid obsession becoming reality
Your words shall seal your fate!

Become what you have worshiped
Held high in great reverence
Become what you have always desired
Give in to your dark desires
Allow them to set in
The powers now possessed and ready
To bring the age ov darkness!

Relinquish your soul!
From your mortal shell
Allow the darkness to consume
Your impermanent life!